We don’t mess around.

Most people think cleaning is a low value service. And they’re mistaken. At Sharper, we know a pristine space inspires staff, invites customers and converts into sales. Period. That’s a power you shouldn’t entrust to just anybody. Which is why we invest in state-of-the-art equipment. Train and retain high-performance teams. And follow an ethos of extreme ownership – proactively identifying and solving problems to help you sell the world’s most prestigious products. With us, you don’t get the usual industry once-over. You get a team as focussed on your brand as you are.


Our Story

We know where we’re going because we know
where we’ve been.

Our founder began his career in graphic design and advertising. But soon found his knowledge of branding and passion for how products are presented would have a greater impact in an unexpected industry. In 2004, he started out in the cleaning industry as an owner/operator by door-knocking and cold-calling during the day and cleaning in the evenings. Then in 2007 he acquired Sharper with the mission to transform its facility services into a high-value, brand-building enterprise. More than a decade later, Sharper has become a leader in the industry. And a trusted partner to many of the world’s most prestigious brands.

Our Approach

It’s not what we say, it’s how we do it.

We prefer to speak plainly and let our actions say the rest. We follow the highest international standards of health and safety. Use colour coding systems to avoid cross-infection in different work areas. And hire elite staff, trained to understand the value of getting the details right. Not to mention we provide location tracking for our clients’ peace of mind. And use state-of-the-art equipment that respects surfaces and allows our staff to perform at the highest level for the longest time. It all adds up to a service you won’t get anywhere else.


Humanitarian Partners

High-end standards for our compassionate partners.

For us, cleaning is a compassionate business. We have high standards because we like to help others feel pride in their space, and we respect those that share our drive to help. So, we donate a portion of our profits to our humanitarian partners Plan International and Red Cross. We give our time and services to help WaterAid provide safe water to communities and the Fred Hollows Foundation to help end avoidable blindness. Our partners work hard for the community, so we work hard to lighten their load. We make sure they have even more time and energy to support their cause and extend their compassion.