Triple Certification

One system, triple certification.

At Sharper, we like working together. Unity is big for us, so we took that concept and used it to create our Integrated Management System (IMS).

This system helps us make sure we consistently meet the Quality, Environmental and Workplace Health & Safety standards of the industry. It keeps us process-driven and focused on continuous improvement. And it allows us to work as one unit with unified objectives, better performance, and more satisfaction for our clients and employees.


Labour Hire Authority

We know actions speak louder than licenses.

That’s why we prioritise both. In Victoria and Queensland, any commercial cleaning company that engages multiple workers must now be licensed. Businesses and host employers that use labour hire providers’ services to obtain labour for their enterprise are prohibited from using unlicensed providers.

This is a good thing. It helps to level the industry’s playing field and ensure reputable labour providers don’t face unfair competition from unethical operators. And it means that workers are more protected against exploitation. At Sharper, we support licensing laws so we can put words into action and look after our workers.

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