Deep Cleaning

At Sharper, maintaining the highest international standards of health and safety has always been our top priority.

Beyond just cleaning and maintaining apartment buildings, we work with clients to ensure their standards and values are carried out on every surface and in every corner of their environment. And when global health risks threaten resident safety and morale, we work with our clients to ensure those same standards and values are maintained through a rigorous, process-driven approach to common property disinfection.

Our team of highly trained staff offer a steam only pressure cleaning service that is designed to target, disinfect and kill bacteria and viral agents. This fast and effective process can be used to clean a huge variety of everyday surfaces including floors, walls, taps, elevator call buttons, gym equipment, kitchens, bathrooms, bbq’s and high touch points.

It’s a little investment for a lot of peace of mind, one that’s as good for hygiene as it is for the health of building occupants.